background info on styles & themes used in designing products


i enjoy designing products in 2 contrasting styles: FEMALE versus MALE,

natural & universal opposites that complement & embrace each other to a certain extent in all beings.

FEMALE is often ROUND & ROMANTIC ... MALE is more SQUARE & MECHANIC in my work.

Bold or Elegant, i always strive to attain a measure of Clarity & Harmony in a design.

a good friend recently called my work 'poppy' which also seems fitting.


roughly 40% of my products designs are designer-pieces fit for retail / office / hospitality,

the other 60% is more conceptual / autonomous, meant for the design-gallery and collector.


i enjoy using 3 main themes: ORGA - MECHA - META.

ORGA > flora & fauna.

MECHA > robots & warriors.

META > mathematical, celestial, magical & beyond.

OTHER > some designs simply fall outside these 3 main categories.

. . .

besides the 3 main themes, there are over a dozen sub-themes,

for example; close to a quarter of the chair-designs so far, feature 'wings' in one form or another.


often the designs form abstract 'characters' ... as a character brings a presence :)

many designs are in a way a mix of styles & themes or 'hybrids' if u will.


some designs are important 'ancestors' as are they are the first to feature

a certain trait that strongly defines the evolving family-lines.

the HAPPY LAMPS (2007) for instance, are male & female, they have a face, they are 'characters'.

there are 15 to 20 of these 'root designs' so far,

other good examples are the BLOEM! DINING chair (2013) and TITAN! (2012).



my favorite object to design is the chair ... though i also totally like designing interior products such as lamps / tables / cabinets.

i am certainly not an 'industrial' designer, the focus lies clearly on esthetics, semantics & concept.

here a list of the chair designs i have published over the years.



so far this has been a great struggle. when i approach labels they often indicate

that the designs are nice but that i am an unknown designer.

producing the pieces myself (the route to getting more known) has also been hard,

i am not a hands-on builder-designer myself, i make ideas and drawings.

and having prototypes or small series made by professional builders requires a fair amount of funding.

at some point i basically gave up - after years of struggling with this - however some new hope is presenting itself :)



in the period May 2013 - May 2015, a modest 'Cambrium-explosion' took place,

when i drew a large amount of pieces, mostly chairs.

in the second half of 2015 i focused on 2D and enthusiastically drew a lot of graphics & patterns.

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